Petroleum and Natural Gas Conveying Pipe Surveillance System

The demand for petroleum and natural gas is so high at present, which is followed by the approaches for ensuring the safety of conveying pipe. The way to enable monitoring staff to conduct the real-time observation and maintenance of conveying system is especially important. Petroleum and natural gas conveying pipe monitoring system aims to test parameters of pressure and flow in the petroleum pipe for the purpose of ensuring the safe and reliable conveying of petroleum and gases. It is mainly composed of three parts, namely site test, pump station converge and central control parts.

In view of the larger span of conveying pipe and monitoring devices, application of network system based on the industrial Ethernet technologies is in accommodation with features for safe conveying of petroleum and gases: wide working temperature range, perfect IP protection level, and protection from interference to the system by the dust. It can play a reliable protective role in the working environment of high humidity, field operation or in the simple machine room vulnerable to lightning strike.