Safe City


Construction of urban video surveillance system is an important basis for the realization of urban security and stability, is an important part of the construction of “safe city”, but also become an important carrier of “smart city”. With the maturity of high-definition monitoring technology, the “HD” has become an inevitable trend in the construction of safe city. How to build a shared system of various types of resources, how to build a monitoring system for the service of the public security service is a difficult problem in the process of the construction of public security information under the new situation. Combined with the development trend of the city, to build a safe city security and public security prevention and control of the five major prevention and control circle, the program for the public security organs to carry out public security, investigation, command and decision-making and other comprehensive application to provide the core global service support.

Project requirements

The platform of the city public security monitoring system is divided into two parts: the monitoring center and the front control point. Monitoring center according to the level of different, but also into the total control center (that is, a monitoring center) and the sub control center (including two and three level monitoring center). Sub control center is established in the police station and county area. The control center is established in the municipal district. In the process of video signal transmission, the transmission is stable, the bandwidth is enough, and it can adapt to the outdoor environment.

System Diagram

Scheme introduction

The whole network is the police station, county, municipal three levels tree network structure, and each branch is the focal point of the network. The sub monitoring center is responsible for data monitoring system in the area under its jurisdiction under the jurisdiction of the collection, responsible for monitoring equipment management, control, alarm processing, video recording, video playback, user management and other functions. The municipal monitoring center is responsible for the city’s all monitoring center monitoring system data collection, the daily work of the supervision and management of each branch, focus on the city’s public security event supervision and management. Industrial Ethernet switches IES7110-2GS can provide a reliable and stable solution for network transmission, which is capable of transmitting the information of the front end of the monitoring video, and has the ability to adapt to the harsh environment and satisfy the video transmission.

Scheme advantage

The switch uses industrial grade design, no fan, low power consumption, support for -40~75℃ working temperature, metal shell, IP30 protection class.

Support a variety of installation methods.

Fast bandwidth for data acquisition, Gigabit bandwidth for data aggregation uploads that bandwidth is maximized, has the good communication and stability.


  • Support 8 port 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet and 2 port Gigabit SFP
  • SW-Ring ring network patent technology (Fault recovery time < 20ms)
  • Support Port based VLAN and IEEE 802.1Q VLAN
  • Support GMRP, IGMP snooping and static Multicast
  • Support Ethernet 10/100M self-adaption
  • 12~48VDC wide voltage redundancy power supply input
  • No fan, -40~75℃ working temperature
  • IP40 protection, high strength metal shell, DIN rail mount


  • Support 8 10/100M ports and 2 gigabit Ethernet ports (SFP slots)
  • Support IEEE802.3/802.3u /802.3x
  • Support 10/100M, half/full duplex, MDI/MDI-X
  • DC12~48V Power input
  • Support industrial grade 4 level
  • Support WEB management, easy- to-use
  • Design for industrial Level 4 standard
  • IP30 protection, metal shell, DIN Rail